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Pro IYPT-CH is the organization that organizes not only the national tournament SYNT but also the preparation for both the SYNT (including the SYNT Workshop) as well as the IYNT and the qualification for the Swiss team.



Have you participated at the SYNT and/or IYNT and would you like to stay in contact with other participants or members of the organization? Are you impressed with our work and would you like to support us and our work? The membership is for all!

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A big thank-you goes to all our partners. They support the organization, the preparation and most of all the national tournament either financially or otherwise! Without them, all of this would not be possible.

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The SYNT is organized by the organization Pro IYPT-CH. The aim of Pro IYPT-CH is to make the idea behind the International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT) better known in Switzerland and to promote and support the commitment of institutions, teachers and students. Starting 2017 our organization will also focus on younger students interested in science and offer a new tournament: the Swiss Young Naturalists’ Tournament (SYNT).

Beside organizing the Swiss tournaments SYNT/ SYPT and the preparation events SYNT Workshop/ SYPT Physics Week, the tasks of Pro IYPT-CH include publicity, the selection and preparation of the Swiss teams for the IYNT and IYPT as well as the coaching during these tournaments. The board is responsible for the detailed decisions and the executive work.

The membership is open to everyone who wants to support the SYNT and SYPT or the idea behind the IYNT/IYPT in Switzerland for a modest yearly contribution. If you would like to support the organization and at the same time stay in contact to other members, then a membership is the best way to go; just fill out this form.